ESS ships 98% of all expedited orders the same day that they are received, and with direct distribution from four locations, we can service customers within two days to 80% of the United States.  Click here for international distributors.


Shipping days are based on UPS zone charts for ground (most economical) shipments. ESS also uses LTL/common carriers for larger sized shipments.

Other shipping services include:

# Next-day delivery for emergency situations (FedEx account number required)
# Drop shipments to your clients or to field locations
# Split shipments for your “just in time” inventory
# Worldwide shipping capabilities

ESS Distribution Locations:

Oakland, CA
Houston, TX
Richmond, VA

ESS packing features include:
# Double Pack – Parcel shipments of glass containers are double packed in recycled cartons with reusable, recyclable kraft paper
# Direct Blank® – A travel blank for all VOA/VOC shipments
# Chain of Custody Slip – A packing slip for QC Class containers that is our chain of custody release form
# DOT/CFR/IATA/ICAO – approved packaging for PrePreserved®orders
# Date Stamp – To monitor container shelf life

If anything breaks during shipment, ESS will replace it free of charge.

** This excludes our Ultra Pure Blank Water Containers